"Video_mrc_views" and "video_3s100p_views" metrics



Hi there,

I can see the metrics “Video_mrc_views” and “video_3s100p_views” in the “metrics and segmentation” document (https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/metrics-and-segmentation-in-analytics) but not in the v0 > v1 mapping document (https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/v0-to-v1-metrics).

Does this metric map to anything in v0?



Sorry that the documentation changes are lagging behind here, but here is an explanation of what is going on there:

The video_total_views metric within the VIDEO metrics group will report on any views which are at least 50% in-view for 2 seconds, as per the MRC standard. This will align its returned values to the existing video_mrc_views metric in the API. Data for this new metric definition can be retrieved for time ranges starting from 2015-12-01. This MRC view definition will be used for the default VIEW bid_unit for Video View campaigns.

Our original video view definition of 100% in view for at least 3 seconds will continue to be available as a new video_3s100pct_views metric in the VIDEO metrics group. To continue to bid and be charged based on the original view definition, use the newly available VIEW_3S_100PCT bid_unit.


Cool, thank you for your response :slight_smile:


Hey @JBabichJapan, another note on the docs: On https://dev.twitter.com/ads/analytics/metrics-and-segmentation-in-analytics the key for 3s 100% video views metrics is listed incorrectly as “video_3s100p_views”. The API is returning values for the key “video_3s100pct_views”


Thanks, appreciate the heads up about this