Video Metrics not being delivered within stats



Hello, I got a problem retrieving video metrics for a campaign.

I am making this call:
twurl -t -H "/0/stats/accounts/5jkny7/campaigns/3ojp7?granularity=DAY&start_time=2015-12-01T00:00:00Z&end_time=2015-12-01T23:59:59Z" | python -m json.tool

And comparing with the panel:

This is just one day of the campaign. While it is ok that impressions differ by only one, the following problem, I believe, is not ok.

1 - While the panel show 21,481 video views, the API do not deliver ANY video metrics.

I tried to force the metric calling ‘promoted_video_total_views’ explicity but the API just ignore that and dont deliver.

Twitter Advertiser API Discrepancies

can someone give some feedback on this?


Closed with the explanation given here:

A tip for newbies:
The metrics list must be provided as a simple string like:
If you provide an array of strings:
The api call will not fail, returning only the first metric.
in the given example above.

This can be a source of lots of pain.


@controledash we have a complete list of all metrics available in our docs. That list also includes a column which indicates which metrics are included by default and which you have to explicitly request.

Note that all video metrics required that you explicitly request them.

Campaign call for stats doesen't return all possible metric

Tks Brandom!
Now I know it, but two things to observe:

I believe, there is an usability issue on the metrics table here:

The columns showing the type of response and if it goes by default are hidden, and you need to scroll the table horizontally. BUT, the scroll bar is in the very bottom of this long table, making it very hard to “discover” this data.

And you sum that issue with this information given by your staff:
"We do not provide a list of default metrics. That decision because we
want to encourage developers to fetch the metrics that are useful to
them, not just a generic long list of metrics."

And you see how confused I was. :slightly_smiling:
But now it is all clear.


@controledash thank you for the feedback.

I personally hate the way that page is currently built. You are correct that it’s easy to miss important data. We have some announcements coming today and next week, in which we will detail some upcoming changes to the docs and to analytics.

A lot around these metrics are changing and the docs related to them will change as well (for the better).


Thats fantastic news!!

Where is the best place to keep up to date about those changes?
Is there any feed to subscribe?


@controledash the best places are on here and on via the @twitterads handle. We always post announcements like that both places.

You can also check our recent changes section on the developer site: