Video Direct Message Card CTAs not showing on iOS



I have a Video Direct Message Card in my Pinned profile Tweet and just noticed that the CTA doesn’t show unless the Tweet is clicked on and expanded. I attempted to create another DM Card via both the Ads API and on the Ads Dashboard to see if there may be an error with that one particular Card. I created both an Image DM Card with one CTA and a Video DM Card with one CTA. The Image DM Card CTA displayed normally while the Video DM Card CTA didn’t. The Cards appear normally if viewing on Desktop, but on iOS they aren’t. I believe this started happening after the latest iOS update a day or two ago?

I also checked in with @MattNavarra who has a DM bot that I built for him. He sent back a screenshot of his DM Card and the same issue is occurring for him too.

Take a peek at my Pinned Tweet on @Hooray

Let me know if you need Tweet URLs, screenshots, or additional Tweets on the public timeline.



Any updates on this?


Just an update from my end!

Updated the app to today’s release and it all appears to be fixed. DM Cards are back to normal!

  • Sam