Video cards / website cards


Hi! I want to provide a way to create promoted tweets with a video in the “media_ids” section, which also use a twitter website card.

I need some clarification on what will happen here:

  • is it possible to have the website card’s assets (CTA, image if “image_media_id” is present, website URL) show up if my tweet has a video attached? Preliminarily this seems not to be the case: ( ) even though in the UI it shows up as if it may be possible:

  • Is it possible to associate the video with the card itself rather than with a tweet? I get an error if I try to pass the video’s media_id in image_media_id for the website card (NOT_FOUND)

  • Finally, through the UI, there is an option to have the video include a call to action, title, and description:

    which appear overlayed upon the video when tweeted: Yet I see no way to use those options through the API. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help!


Hey @phil_renaud, as always it looks like we are having similar challenges :smiley:

We are trying to do the same here. I post something similar in a different post here. I think what they were saying is that we can create a Video App Card (requires an App Id), and that might show up in the scoped_timeline for your account, so you can then attach that video card to a promotable tweet App Installs or Engagements campaign.

But you have asked some really good questions, and it would be really good to get some clarity on how to actually promote a tweet within a video_views campaign? And if there is a way to create video cards to attach to your campaigns?

Twitter staff, can you please advise?


Also to the point of Video App Cards, it does not seem possible currently to create a Video App Card to promote a tweet with video without actually using App IDs, making their purpose even more confusing.

We will post more details, but in our recent trials with the workflow outlined here we have had little success: it appears from this document that Twitter intends to overload the purpose of a Video App Card to include both App Installs and Video Views, and that the recent change of the PUT /video_app_cards documentation (the app_ids sections were changed from “Sometimes Required” to “Optional”, indicating these would work for either purpose) would support that.

In actual usage, it’s not possible to create a Video App Card without app_ids:

Your request (POST resulted in the following errors: MISSING_PARAMETER: Please provide at least one of the app ids.

Are Video App Cards intended to be used to drive Video Views campaigns in addition to App Install campaigns, or is it just an App Installs card that contains video?