Video cards not showing /displaying playing inline. Certain user privileges?


This really another version of the question below that does not appear ever to have been answered. Namelu why so certain video cards show “truly” inline i.e in feed and others do not?
This user puts the problem perfectly. would really appreciate a quick answer if you guys get a chance - He’s been waiting 18 months : ) thanks for any help Vincent.


First of all I should point out that these forums are not intended as “customer service” and are not manned full-time (particularly during weekends or staff vacations) - they are community discussion forums, and some of us try to dive in and help out when we can. So, apologies that you’ve waited for a few days for a response. Regarding the other post, the forums were transitioned from an older system around a year ago, and some things may have been missed around that time.

We should do a much better job of clarifying how and when Cards are displayed in the timeline as part of the documentation, and we will look into that. We often run experiments with different card types, in terms of formatting and display, so it is actually quite hard to definitively say “card type X will appear like this”, for example.

Saying that - I believe that currently we are surfacing summary cards in the timeline on our own mobile apps, and behind a “view summary” link on desktop web. Player cards may behave differently. Since that post was originally added, we have also added native video upload support. So I think native videos and Vines do play inline at the moment, but player cards on most domains may not.

Sorry not to be able to give you a clear answer on this at the moment, but as we work to improve the overall Cards experience things are in flux.


Thanks Andy, Really kind of you to respond… So are you saying that summary cards are not available for video player cards? This issue we have is that our app app is sharing video to twitter. We would love it to appear inline in some way (rather than just a link) the summary cards would be fine.
The video upload is great but for sharing from our app to twitter it would involve downloading the clip to the local device first and then running the uploading process which kind of defeats the purpose.
Unless we are missing something?
Really I appreciate the demands on your time so thanks again for responding and sorry for being a pain in the arse!


The Summary and Summary Large Image cards are different to the Player card.

The current way that things work is that Summary/SIL appear in the timeline inline on mobile, but with a click-through on web. Player cards currently don’t appear inline as far as I know. The intent of the Player card is to give a way for videos to be self-hosted, but have the ability to play them inside a Tweet view.

We are always looking at ways to provide the best user experience - so this may change in the future - but right now, I think the only way to always have a video available to play inline is to upload natively.


Also , On the subject of certain accounts being able to display their cards
We’ve got a test case – Look at how ESPN’s videos are appearing on the twitter app timeline .

They are also using twitter player cards (video is longer than 30 seconds) and the web share link is part of the tweet and if we review the page (by looking at its web page source), we think we’ve implemented everything according to how they’ve done it (see screenshots for comparison). and

Centric (Our App) videos ONLY appear when you tap on the tweet itself (they do appear on the timeline if you are in a browser, albeit hidden initially). They don’t appear on the timeline. ESPN video tweets, no matter how or where they are shared or appear (in the search results, if someone retweets them as part of their own timeline) they seem to appear and play inline.

Similarly, Big Ten Network video posts also appear inline (the videos are longer than 30 seconds, so these are definitely not vine or physically uploaded videos) . The videos also appear and play AUTOMATICALLY without the need to click the ‘View Media’ button (they appear expanded, not hidden unlike how Centric or espn videos are appearing) in the timeline when viewed in a browser.

I suppose we are looking to know …Is this a premium service? Are we doing something wrong? Is there an api tthat’s part of ‘amplify’ maybe where videos appear inline in the twitter timeline? So when you are saying ‘player cards on most domains do not appear’ – how do we become one of these privileged few wo are nor part of the most?: )

thanks again.

Video/Player card - Video hosted on Twitter with autoplay (Amplify)

Amplify is a separate program for brands, which is how these Tweets work - there’s no API for this access I’m afraid. The Video Cards mentioned in the Amplify page are part of the Ads platform, not part of the public API.