Video Card - Approved & working in Validator but not on Twitter?


We recently implemented twitter card support to help feed in live broadcasts (m3u8). Two weeks ago our links were approved, showing correctly in validator tool and even working fine on

As of late last week, our cards no longer work when viewing them on Chrome or Firefox on The cards still show as intended on the validator tool and when viewing them on from Safari (probably because safari natively supports m3u8 - I also read something about iframe’s now being sandboxed, which could make sense to the failing since our video player falls back to flash for other browsers).

Can you advise why it would be working on validator tool but not itself (aka feeds/profile). What’s the fix?

Here is demo link to see what I am referring to (place in validator tool and then try pasting it as a tweet). It cycles through various feeds so there should be no problem with caching.


Same problem here. And yes the problem comes from the fact that twitter now puts a sandbox in the iframe element. See this post: Player Card bug


Any update here? Twitter staff? This is getting pretty urgent :-/


It seems to work fine here:


Please let me know the URL of your card you are having issues with.