Video App Cards vs Video Cards?



It looks like you guys released the Video App Download Cards to the Ads API this morning (July 29th, 2015.)

Are these the cards that will be using within the VIDEO_VIEWS campaign objective? If so, I’d like to understand why the API requires us to set an iPhone, iPad or Android app id.

To further break it down, at the moment, within the Twitter UI, it looks like the Video Cards are only set by the Video Views campaign. These Video Cards do not include any app ids, which means that these are different video cards than the video cards that you have released.

Here are a few questions to help us clarify these differences and point us the right direction:

  1. Where will these Video App Download Cards be used?
  2. Are these actually similar to Image App Cards and Image App Download Cards?
  3. If 2 is yes, does that mean that these Video App Download Cards are actually meant for APP_INSTALLS or APP_ENGAGEMENTS campaigns?


@msbukkuri thanks for reaching out.

They newly released Video App Download Card is part of a closed beta (eg. advertisers must be white listed to use it) and its part of our MAP (Mobile App Promotion) Card set alongside other similar cards like the Image App Download and App Download Cards.

All MAP related cards require the mobile app ID information and while this new Card type is compatible with the VIDEO_VIEWS objective its is definitely more oriented towards APP_INSTALLS and APP_ENGAGEMENTS.


@brandonmblack Thanks very much for your response. That helps quite a bit.

I just had one further follow up question. If I was to create a Video App Download card and associated it to a Tweet, would I be able to see these Tweets in the SCOPED_TIMELINE for a VIDEO_VIEWS campaign objective?


@msbukkuri that’s correct. You should be able to see it under the VIDEO_VIEWS objective.


Hi @msbukkuri
Please tell me how would I associate a lead gen card or app card as the creative for a Tweet.


Hi @anhtuan215. Please see Advice for Associating a Website Card with a Campaign or with Tweets? - this applies to all sorts of cards.


Thanks so much