Video and Image Upload Questions



I have read the online documentation for the media/upload.json endpoint as well as the Guide to Uploading Media. While helpful overall, I believe that the documentation failed to answer the following questions.

  1. Is there a minimum size of the media file required for using the chunked upload method? In other words, is it safe to write our application to always use the chunked method, regardless of the media file upload size?
  2. If we are uploading Base64 encoded media, when making the media/upload call with command=INIT, should the total_bytes parameter be set to the total size of the Base64-encoded file, or the decoded file?
  3. The Guide to Uploading Media does a very poor job of explaining the difference between the synchronous and asynchronous methods for media file upload. Is there any difference in the way that the content is uploaded with the INIT, APPEND, and FINALIZE commands between these two methods? If so, please clarify.
  4. As a follow-up to the previous question, the discussion of the STATUS command describes that following an upload, the media may or may not be “processed” immediately after the FINALIZE response is received. I think more needs to be said about this. What are the implications of the file not being not yet “processed”? Perhaps a link to other documentation would be appropriate here?


Another question: When uploading a PNG file, why does the chunked media upload method return 400 Bad Request with Json body below?

{"request":"\/1.1\/media\/upload.json","error":"Invalid or unsupported media, Reason: InvalidContent."}

If I upload the same PNG content using the non-chunked method for image upload, the upload is successful.


@dodnert ould not agree more with you!! The documentation is poor, really poor.


@mydaypix We have updated media documentation few days ago. Please see and let us know your feedback.


Hi tushar,
Can you specify clearly what is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous video upload. And what changes should we do in code to enable them. Will we have any data loss if we use asynchronous upload. Kindly do the needful.


#6 looks very incomplete/bad