Video ad preview?



Is there any way to get a tweet preview for a video ad? That is for when creating a tweet (POST accounts/:account_id/tweet) using the parameters:


Because these video-specific parameters don’t appear for the preview endpoint, GET accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview.

Thank you!


@majoritasdev unfortunately we do not currently support previewing a tweet with a video. The media_ids parameter is only there for images.

This has been raised before, so we will be sure to take your feedback on-board next time we are talking about the Ads API roadmap.


Thank you @andrs. In this case (and others similar to this one), it would be helpful to add a note on the preview endpoint’s page, something like “For the moment, we do not offer previews for video ads, but we are working on providing this at a later time.”


Good point, we will sort that out :thumbsup:


FYI, we have updated the docs accordingly :smile: