Very strange totals for our domain's tweet button


We are preparing a new launch page for our domain,, and we want to make a Tweet button part of it. However, we are seeing some strange numbers behind the tweet totals.

When we first tried it out a day ago, the stated total was 96.1k tweets. We thought this was rather high, but we were pleasantly surprised and decided to make a goal of 100k. Imagine our surprise to see that, the very next day, not only did the button state “100k+”, but when we hovered over it, the exact total was in the neighbourhood of 187k.

Now, we’re good at social media, but we’re not 90k-tweets-in-one-day good. This number is clearly off by several orders of magnitude and it’s shaking our faith in the original value as well. Is this a temporary glitch? Does the number represent something else other than what we think it does (tweets for our domain?)

You can reproduce this just by previewing a new tweet button (at for the domain. Any guidance here? The last thing we want is for our users to think we might be somehow gaming or forging this total.



Ping? Any word on this? Just bringing this to your attention again, since it was a holiday when I first posted it.



Sometime in the last 24 hours, it jumped again – from 187K to 370K, another “doubling”. There is absolutely no way we are experiencing anywhere close to this amount of mentions on Twitter :frowning:


Adrian, this is also happening with our project. Our new Twitter profile, which I’m using as the “url” field of the Tweet button, shows up properly in the “Tweet” when I hit the tweet button, yet the count on that button shows “100k+”. There is no way that a new profile with zero tweets has a 100k+ tweet count. Hmm…

Btw, i’m using the Javascript version of the button and the “data-url” field to populate the url of our profile. Again, since that url is showing up properly in the tweetbox, I believe I have it set up properly. This may be a Twitter bug…


I’m thinking this must be because the data-url is of the form: ‘!/[our company name here]’… maybe it’s being parsed as just the base Twitter site instead of the particular profile page.


We’re in some of the final stages of correcting the long-standing [node:2966] issue.

It’d be helpful if you could share a URL where you are observing this problem so that we can use it as a test case in these last steps.

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