Very odd. Error 400 request_token despite working locally



OK, so when I’m developing locally on Windows using WAMP, I am able to access the API with success. No issues.

However, when I deploy the website on a live server, I have problems with authentication.

When live, making a POST to, I now get a 400, with no response body.

How can this possibly be? If the OAuth signature is proven to construct properly, why would it break live?


OK, figured it out.

I was set the following cURL option CURLOPT_POST, but did not include the accompanying option CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.

Now that seems like an obvious problem, but what really threw me off was that in my local environment it worked perfectly fine. I would think this problem would break both.

So once I included oauth_callback in CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, it worked. Hopes this helps others in future.

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