Version 3.0 not working



According to and Announcement: New (Japan) Age Targeting Buckets, it seems that some of the API endpoints have moved to /3/accounts call. Could you pls help me clarify some of the doubts here -

  1. What all endpoints have been moved to “/3” version? Have all the endpoints been moved?

  2. Will version 2 endpoints still keep working or is there a deprecation date for the same?

  3. It seems that the targeting creation call should work with version 3 but we are getting issues here. Please find the api call and response. (Batch targeting creation call seems to be working fine)

Account Id : 18ce53vjzfs

API Call :
PUT call

API Response :
{“errors”:[{“code”:“INVALID”,“message”:“Version 3.0 is not available.”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}

Please help us in resolving these queries.



Hi @ashishkalya! Please see the announcement post for version 3 at Ads API Version 3 - you’ll find all your answers there. Specifically:

  1. as far as I understand, all the Ads API endpoints have been moved to v3.0
  2. “On 2018-08-01, v2 of the Ads API will be shut off.”
  3. “The PUT accounts/:account_id/targeting_criteria endpoint is no longer available.” in v3.0.

All the best!