Version 0 Unsupported as of June 30



Support for version 0 of the Ads API will officially end as of June 30th, 2016. Version 0 endpoints will continue to be reachable for the time being in order to ensure that developers can complete their migration to version 1 of the Ads API if they have not fully migrated already. A separate notice will be sent out prior to complete removal of version 0 from the API through the technical newsletter, @AdsAPI handle, and TwitterCommunity forums. Make sure your team is tuned in to these communication channels.

Developers who are in the process of completing their migration can refer to the analytics migration guide for detailed guidance on migrating to the new stats endpoints.

As a reminder, notable features and changes available only in version 1 of the API include:

Refer to our documentation for a full list of changes in version 1 of the API.

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