Verify Twitter User and Post tweet on his own account C# OR using javascript/ajax



Hi all,

I have single c# page with three text boxes and a button to post the tweet.

  1. Input user name

  2. Input password

  3. Tweet text

  4. Post tweet button

Problem is that I want to post the tweet on user account. On my webpage first user will enter his user name and password. I will verify the user information from twitter and then post the tweet on his own account.

Something like this which we can do in Twitterizer.

Twitter twitter = new Twitter(“username”, “password”, “source”);


I know that now we cannot use Twitterizer.

Now twitter has provided some libraries to work with dot net C#.


• LINQ2Twitter
• TweetSharp
• Tweetinvi

I have used the following library TweetinviAPI. Mentioned on following link.


// Publish the Tweet “Hello World” on your Timeline
Tweet.PublishTweet(“Hello World!”);
But problem is that it is posting on my own created twitter page not on other user twitter page.

What I want is that by using the above updated libraries is there any way that User put his user name and password on my page and some detail of tweet and post a tweet on his own account.

Please advise me is this possible now or not. Or Please advise me any other way to implement that functionality.

Any help will be highly appricated.