Verify credentials sent by IOS 5 to my Web-Service


I am the author of the IOS-App. iArcheryScores, that allows an archer to keep track on his/her scores.
I would like to build a web-service (via node.js), that receives the scores sent by the IOS-device and does a leader board ranking for all the archers.
The IOS-app uses twitter for authorization and I would like to send the authorization-header to my web-service.
The web-service should be able to verify this authorization and retrieve the twitter screen-name to display it later on the leader board.

What is the correct way of doing this?

Thanks for you reply.


Are you using the TWRequest wrapper in iOS5 or a more straightforward OAuth implementation?


Taylor, I would use the method, that works best.
I thought of using TWRequest, but that is not mandantory.
What would you use on the IOS-device and what am I to do on the node.js web-service side?

Greetings from Heiko



In the meantime I think I recognized I am not able to use TWRequest, because I have to send more than 128 characters (a whole bunch of scores).
So I will be using a “normal” post-request.

How can I send the twitter-authorization, that is already present on the IOS-Device to my web-service?
The web service should be able to verify the credentials and retrieve the screen-name.

Would using oAuthEcho be the correct solution? If yes, how do I handle the rate limiting problem of the verify call?
Thanks for yor reply, Heiko


try again if unable to do so you use less or limited characters