Verify_credentials returns code 400 every time - no error



I’m trying to verify a user token which i got from my iOS client via my node.js server.
I’m using node.js with request module.

This is my code:

var postData = {

var options = {
url: ‘’,
body: postData,
json: true,
method: ‘GET’

request(options, function (error, response, body) {
return console.log(‘Twitter - Error:’, error);

//Check for right status code
if(response.statusCode !== 200){
    return console.log('Twitter - Invalid Status Code Returned:', response.statusCode);
// Do stuff


I really am a bit lost here trying to figure out this issue,
Any help will be appreciated.


It looks like your request is missing some things, try the calls with something like that will take care of the proper OAuth headers in requests for you.


Well, if feel kind of silly right now, after seeing the library you suggested, i compared it to the Twitter Library i’m using, and i seemed to miss the REST API for validation. I will try to make it work, in case it won’t, ill use your suggestion.

Thanks Igor!