Verified filter in user search API



Is there any filter which returns only verified accounts in user search API ? I want only verified results in search API.


Yup - just add filter:verified to your search string.


@andypiper Thank you dear …


@andypiper i have few question regarding users/search.

  • I send query as q=“a&filter:verified” and exacting API to return all the verified accounts starting with a but its also including other accounts
  • Why it only reruns 20 ( very few ) records



Check the documentation for users/search. You get 20 results per page, up to a maximum of 1,000 users. There’s no “starting with” query here, you’ll just get accounts with a in them with this search string.


Hi, I’m using node.js and here is my code:

client.get('users/search', {q: 'node.js & filter:India'}, function(error, users, response){
  if(error) throw error;
  //console.log(response);  // Raw response object.
  fs.appendFile("tweets.json", JSON.stringify(users, null, ' '));

While {q: ‘node.js’} works I’m not able to filter users matching ‘India’ as result - This currently returns empty json.

Appreciate any help.

Filtering in the search API