Verification requested on every login (J2ME app)



One of our customers a new device into the market with our app. Our app is a fully featured Twitter client for J2ME/feature phone devices.

We act as a proxy between their lower end feature phones and the client on the device. All previous devices using our app works well, but for this new device, EVERY time the user logs in they are being required to enter a verification code. How can we be white listed or somehow have the identity verification suppressed on this device?


What exactly do you mean by that? You should store the OAuth token and OAuth token secret, those can be used to make request in behalf of that user. Only in the case the user revokes your app access you need to to the login/token obtaining process again.


When a user try to login with our App, a user receives an email saying there was suspicious login attempt.
The email asks either changing password if the login was not by a user or veryfing it was by a user by entering temporary code in the email.

A user can login with temporary code once, but when a user log out, a user is not able to login again with neither temporary code nor the user’s own password. And a user receives an email about suspicious login attempt again.

Access to Twiitter go through our proxy server in US but, a user can be in any country.


LG had been shipped millions feature phones with our Twitter App and all users are experiencing this inconvience.

Please help us to find a way to improve situation.



Please help us resolve this issue. Customer’s claim comes in…


I guess @andypiper or another Twitter Staff member might be able to help here.


@TestVisto given the nature of your issue I recommend opening a ticket with our platform support team via our support forms.