Verification code not sending to my iphone for sign up


Hi, I have been having problem creating my first twitter account due to not receiving the SMS verification code from twitter.


Same here! I’d try several times, but the code never sent to me! Please help address this issue! Urgent!!!


Not working for me as well. Any recommendation how to fix this?


Hello folks,

Thank you for writing in, and apologies for not getting back to you earlier for those older posts.

While I can’t speak to the earlier posts, I can say for certain that there is a known situation where iphone verification is experiencing some irregularities. Our product team is currently investigating.

More to come.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi guys,

I just found a workaround that did it for me.

  1. Go to your twitter account settings
  2. Select “Review your login verification methods”
  3. Use the telephone call instead of the SMS as authentication
  4. You will be called and a computer voice is telling you the verification code
  5. If you go back now to “Apply for Developer Account”, you should have a valid phone number already and there is not need to verify it via SMS




Thank you for outlining these steps. Our team is continuing to investigate.