Varying 'Embed Tweet' Dimensions?



I work for a membership organisation that offers a Wordpress site to our members. I’ve been trying to prepare guidance on embedding tweets, but the standard ‘Embed Tweet’ html doesn’t appear to offer any function for amending the height/width. The problem we have is that the standard tweet box width is just a little too wide for the desired sidebar that we’d like to see members’ tweets appear in.

Grateful for any advice.

Craig W.


The Embed Tweet feature is really meant to be used inline within articles and not in contexts like sidebars. As such, there are no width adjustments available.


That being said, embedded Tweets do narrow themselves down a bit if you stick them in a smaller containing block. Looks like they shrink down to about 252px.


Thanks, guys.

Much appreciated.



I noticed this page comes high in SEO as I was searching for an answer myself. I found one fairly easily.

When embedding a tweet the first line will look something like this:

blockquote class=“twitter-tweet” lang=“en”>

Just add width=“x” after the lang component…

blockquote class=“twitter-tweet” lang=“en” width=“325”>

In fact there are many things you can add at this stage to modify the embed. Some are helpfully listed on this post by Wordpress:

Hope this helps someone in the future.