Various Twitter Android Apps can use the same Consumer key & Consumer secret Key for use with Oauth login on twitter?


Hi, we do a lot of apps that we need to connect to twitter with login & set up new tweets.

We are automating the creation procces of these apps, but we have a issue with twitter connection, we need a consumer key and a consumer secret key.

Various Twitter Android Apps can use the same Consumer key & Consumer secret Key for use with Oauth login on twitter? In other words… can we make our tons of apps using the same consumer keys and consumer secret keys avoiding to register each app?

Wich issues can exist with this?


Each distinct application you create, as a best practice, should have its own API key and secret. This is especially true if the applications serve different functions. If this is for software developed on Android, you’ll definitely want to use different keys for each application.


we use our automated apps generator, that creates apps for android/iphone/blackberry etc…

because this, we need to use the same key & consumer key for all the apps we generate, it’s the only way to maintain our automated generation for apps.

It is possible to do it? Exists any type of problem derivated of doing that?



I wouldn’t recommend this. Let’s say that one of your API key is compromised, or your application is suspended for a legitimate reason: now all applications you’ve produced are dead in the water until you resolve it. If you had one API key per application, the surface area of disaster would be considerably smaller.


when you say apps i suppose you are referring to android/iphone apps. You could use the same consumer key and secret for all the apps you generate but some problems i see is one mentioned by episod and another would be the rate limit. Using the same key and secret means all the apps you generate are tied to only one twitter application. So if you generate hundreds of apps and they each make a few api calls you are gonna hit the api limit.

One thing to do which would be a little bit advanced is to automate the creation of twitter applications and then embed the captcha into the generator and then do some scraping to get the consumer key and secret and assign it to an app. You would have to manually enter the captcha for each app generated obviously but it would serve your purpose.

Or a little more clarification on what it is you are trying to do might help. How many apps are we talking and why do you need to mass generate apps with the same consumer key and secret?


Hi, i’m searching to understand if rate limit affects the user or the application registered on, but it is confusing, i can’t find the answer. Here is the web:

Read it please. Did you think the limit’s will affect the application registered on dev.twitter or the limits will affect each user that logs in my automatically generated apps?

i mean that if the limits affects each user account and not my dev.twitter app then i will not have a rate limit problem.

what do you think?


Are there any information/tutorials on how to implement the twitter API in an Android app? What I mean is something like a step-by-step creating a native Android Twitter client from scratch.


In Android application I am getting A PIN Code.How It can be resolve.I want to see my tweets Without using browser.With my application.But After User Name and Password it is giving me A PIN Code for Authorization.So what I have to do for it.How I can Resolve it.

Please help me

Thank you


Rate limits are not pooled by consumer key, it’s by user account and IP address.

Please do not take any advice recommending you to automate the application creation flow on We do not allow automation in the app creation process (nor most, if not all web-based processes on Twitter).


i am developing twitter application for uploading image,


could anyone guide me!
I am making an app using android wherein I need to allow user to tweet on his twitter account.
I tried implementing the Android Twitter4j sample example but it always stops with CLASSDEFNOT FOUND EXCEPTION : Twitter4j http accesstoken.
Kindly help me someone… pls


how to get consumer key for twitter ??


this link is may helpful for u… and add twitter4j-core-3.0.5.jar in your lib folder