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In a website I’m developping I want to be able to let the user fill in their Twitter username. For example : @SeazeTheTini .
Then I would like to generate their tweets. How would I go about doing this?
I know how to get the twitter widget from the dev site for a specific username. However I don’t know how to make the username in this generated code variable.
Any suggestions/help are welcome.

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The data-screen-name override could help you out here. Once you have created a user widget, you can use the same widget-id and specify a screen name override.

E.g. Here I specify an override with your username

Tweets by @twitterapi


for some reason, my widget is NOT generating a Widget ID #? I have tried recreating the widget but no luck in getting a widget ID… can anyone help?


We are currently investigating the problem.
Currently the only workaround is to get the value for data-widget-id from the URL of the widget configuration page: that page’s URL is of the form, with XXXXXXXXXX being the widget id.