Values returned from V1 metrics are not matching with V0 metrics values?



V0 response for billed_engagements is not matching with V1 response
please note start_time and end_time are same in both request…

V0 response

V1 response

is this bug?


Anyone observed this ?


Generally our priority for V1 metrics is to achieve parity with values, because those are what most advertisers would want them to match up with. Can you please check if the values are in fact matching up to If they are not, then it would definitely be a high priority to investigate and we would want more information from you as described in Guidelines for Reporting Issues




@JBabichJapan: as far as I’ve seen, the metrics in the API at promoted tweet level match those in the Ads UI. But the puzzling fact is why, in the Ads UI, the campaign totals row contains values much higher than the values of the campaign’s promoted tweets, added together. How do you explain this?

Thank you.