Values of billed_charge_local_micro metric in stats


I am getting pretty large values for the billed_charge_local_micro metric in stats endpoints. Do I need to process somehow those numbers, or they represent actual dollars spent?



Follow-up question: The documentation for account stats shows billed_charge_local_micro as one of the metrics returned, however, when I query for account stats, I don’t get this metric in the response. Should I expect this metric or not? (It does get returned for campaign stats.)


Hi @m_taleski and @TaliDolev,

The billed_charge_local_micro metric is the spend in micros, in whichever currency the funding instrument linked is defined as using. See the Time and Money section of our campaign management docs for all the details, but the short version is that you’ll want to divide the micro value by 1,000,000 to get your decimal representation.

As for billed_charge_local_micro on the accounts stats endpoint, that was removed from any stats endpoint that could span multiple funding instruments. That means no billed values on an account level – to get that, sum the values on the funding instruments on the account.

We’ll make sure the accounts stats endpoint doc example gets updated to remove the deprecated metric.

Hope this helps!