Validator shows images but Twitter skips them in our cards. HELP needed


Hi, We have been using summary_large_image format for several days and it seemed to work fine for a while.

Since yesterday, images are shown from time to time. I know we should not attach images bigger then 1MB, but ours are always under 200K.

Validation tool says things are ok, but some images are just not shown from time to time.



I think this randomness could be due to connectivity issues, but Twitter is the only social network we are having this kind of issues. Our images are always correctly parsed in FB and Pinterest.

We would appreciate some help: Twitter is the most important social platform for our project. Thks in advance for your time. L.


UPDATE - Twitter validation tool is showing our cards and says they´re OK. Pics are still not showing in the real tweets though.

We would appreciate any feedback in order to find a definitive solution for this…


I’m seeing similar issues. The twitter validator checks out, but no twitter cards on our tweets


Looks OK now. Let me know if there’s other examples of issues.


I had the same problem yesterday; today, after the check with the twitter validator, it shows the picture even in the tweet I posted yesterday:


I’m having the same trouble. When I run my URL through the card validator the image shows up fine:

However, when it’s in my feed, the image does not show up:

Any suggestions?


I have this issue, so I deleted the tweet. Not sure how to proceed. Can you advise?


Sorry for the difficulty, @IndiumCorp. Our system caches content/URLs for 7 days, so tweeting will sometimes pull from the cache.

You can learn how to bust the cache on this page: