Validator giving "WARN: No metatags found" message even though metatags present


I use WordPress and links from today are not producing a card, but older links are. The meta tags are present so I am unsure what the issue could be.


It is not possible to help without sample URLs. Also make sure you carefully read our troubleshooting FAQ.


Ha,my apologies, here is one from today that does not produce a card and here is one that does produce a card


My apologies, here is a card that does produce a card and here is one that does not


Is that the only link that has an issue?

Could you try temporarily disabling CloudFlare and seeing if that has any impact? I’m a bit baffled why this isn’t working, since I can clearly see the tags in the page when I fetch as Twitterbot.


That did not do it, received the same message.


Oh, and sorry did not see your question. But there were a couple other links that had the same issue,


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