Validator can get the page but card is inaccessible




When the validator tries to fetch my website (My card page ) I succeeds and I get the following warning:
WARN: Not whitelisted

However, I submitted a whitelist request, and was answered with a negative response:

The URL you provided for to use the 3691233323:periscope_broadcast card is inaccessible. Please check to make sure the page is available, then reapply for a Twitter card.

My website team and myself made sure that Twitterbot is capable surfing my site - we’ve seen it in the server logs.

We noticed that this card type is being used to display broadcasts on Twitter and we’re using it to beta test our website in order to enable sharing pages as Tweets which will embed nicely on Twitter.

We’d appreciate your help on this…


The only card types you should use are documented here