Validation Request Failed - "Reason: is not a valid screen name"


Received email from you (Twitter support) saying the url for twitter cards did not vailidate
for my food blog site - and have gone through the
validation process again. Everything checks out and I press the request
validation button and complete the form. When i press “request approval” I
get the error message:

Something went wrong and your request to be added to the whitelist failed.
Please try again.

Reason: is not a valid screen name

The Screen Name is completed - I tried using both my own name - Chris Berry -
and the Twitter account name - Scrumptious Scran, but still no success.
The only thing I can think is that “Website Twitter Username” field on the
form is grayed out and won’t let me enter anything. This is despite the “twitter:creator” and “twitter:site” both being validated.

I have been waiting for approval for a Twitter card for several weeks now,
and have found the process to date so unhelpful I am about to give up on
both the cards and Twitter, as it is really putting my marketing of the
site at a disadvantage.

Hope you can reverse my disappointment in Twitter…

Chris Berry aka Scrumptious Scran


I have exactly the same problem. It seems that the “Website Twitter Username” is either inappropriately disabled or erroneously not being autofilled.

Using Chrome Developer Tools, I was able to add a value=“username” attribute to that input (where username is my Twitter handle for my website). Then the form submitted OK!

This seems like a definite bug on Twitter’s end.


Jeff - thank you so much! Did exactly the same in Chrome and was able to submit. I’d had a response from Twitter - finally - merely saying that they had been a bug and to try submitting again, but exactly the same issue, so effectively useless.

Thanks to your work around - which shouldn’t be necessary, so get it sorted Twitter! - my card is now approved.

Many thanks once again…


Could you tell us how to fix it in details? How to use Chrome Developer Tools?


Thanks for the feedback. We just pushed out a fix to the error that was preventing the input URL field from working. Please re-submit via the Validator Tool, and let us know if you have any additional issues.


I still have that error.


I seem to be having it as well


Can you provide an example URL for us to test?