Validation of cards to monitor results


Can anyone help with why I keep getting this error using validator tool with cards

ERROR: Required field missing (forward_card_height)


It would be helpful if you could share a link to the page you are trying to validator so that we can take a look for you.


Keen to get your help, thanks


OK so that redirects me to your regular website.

Validating that site seems to successfully display a card.


Why so I not get any data then on ?


Broadly speaking: Cards implemented using web meta tags on your site, will work in the validator and in regular Tweets. Cards on the Ads platform (lead gen, website, or app cards) are managed directly on the dashboard and do not require site markup.

If you are asking about something specifically related to the Ads platform, you’ll need to go via the Ads support team (the “Help?” link at the top right of your Ads dashboard should get you support).