Validation in Blogger


Hi guys. We are about to launch a new parallel blog, but it hasn’t been approved for a while. The guy who designed it told me that he applied for a card last week, but he forgot to make the blog go live instead of private and so he was rejected (also, he told me about a image:src error but couldn’t explain exactly where was the error). I told him to copy the Twitter Card section of the source code from another one of our blogs and arrange it accordingly to the new site (especially regarding to the data:post.FirstImageURL metatag since it caused trouble last time with our first blog [the guy used a static image instead]). The card validates perfectly, just like our other blog, but the site hasn’t been approved for some days now and we’re beginning to worry (we were supposed to launch that site a week ago). This is a screenshot of the validation page: and the source code: (I must note that it works perfectly on our other site). Thanks in advance for your kind support.


Your sites’s /robots.txt currently prevents most bots from downloading your page, that includes Twitterbot, the bot that downloads your pages to get the cards information.
You can have more information at


Thanks, Vincent. You were absolutely right. We double checked and it should be working now.