Validation debugger blacklists my local IP


I’m debugging twitter cards tags on site on my local home IP. After a few tries validator begins to say:

*.%IP% is not whitelisted for website card

And after this: no preview, nothing. Validator becomes useless. The only thing I can do is to request approval (which requires the site description). I don’t need to approve my home IP as it is used only in debug purposes and obviuosly will never appear in real tweets. Moreover: I can’t provide the site description as there is no site here. Only debug webserver with a few pages.

At the beginning of my debug, validator works OK (and said that IP is OK).

The only my question is WTF? How should I use validator if it bans IP after few tries?


The fact that you’re being shown a request approval button implies that your card markup is wrong.

As the pinned detailed troubleshooting posts says we are unable to assist without a URL to validate.

Twitter cards require a valid and resolvable DNs address and will not work with raw IP domains.


Thanks for response.

But why it shows “IP is not whitelisted” for wrong markup? I thought this tool’s purpose is to test the markup and say what is wrong.
I dont require assistance with the markup. Working validator and docs are enough.
Twitter cards in tweets definitely require valid hostname. Validator is created to test markup on production sites? However, it works for me with raw IP address. It even now shows in logs that something is received and parsed. But don’t shows the preview.


Please provide the specific URL you are testing or the community will be unable to support your question.


Not sure it will help something. And webserver here is down now. Until I start to debug something.


The validator will not work with a raw IP address and requires a proper DNS name. This is documented in the troubleshooting post.

  • are you using a fully qualified DNS domain name? The crawler does not support dotted IP addresses as domain references, and cannot access localhost.

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