Validating news on my page, I get: ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the response is too large


I can’t understand what exactly could weigh more than 1 mb on news pages. I tried not to render a lot of heavyweight components like video and photo sliders on the server, yet it didn’t help (technology is meteorJS, by the way). I have all the og meta tags (facebook crawler is fetching my news without any problem). Could you help me out with this issue? I have been trying to find a workaround for a couple of days. Example of a news page is:


Right now I have removed everything but the meta tags and the title of the news on the page (for google crawler to see the title of news at least), but I keep getting the same error, “…response is too large”. Maybe you should make a debugger or card validator with more precise logs because at the moment it is impossible to debug. I can’t understand anything, and it’s the third day I have been having this problem.


Source of a news page is 7KB. I have removed all images, js, css from page, but still gettting the same error. What do I have to do to get this twitter card to work? What should I do for you to give an answer? Is there a way to debug it in a better and more precise way? Does anyone in the world read all this stuff I’m complaining about??


How large are the headers your site is returning? Try debugging with verbose curl at the command line.


This seems to be working fine.


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