Validated, approved, Twitter cards do not show up on Twitter


I have integrated Twitter cards into my website,

Validator showed no problem and things look fine in the card preview, and my domain was approved for the “Summary large image” card type an hour ago.

However, no Twitter cards display on my Twitter feed. Example:

Can you help me?


Now, the tweet I gave as an example is somehow the only one working… Nothing older or newer works.

Another non-working example:

Could this be a cache issue? Maybe a Twitter support person refreshed the cache for that particular page? If it is possible to refresh Twitter’s cache of my pages myself like it is on Facebook, information on how to do that would be ideal.


Hi @VladoGames,

Unfortunately, all we have is this somewhat indirect way of refreshing the cache:


Thank you! I’ve also found another way - simply running all the pages you want to refresh the cache for through the validator:

In a couple of hours, their cards show up.