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I’m using .net core 2.2 in order to validate a token returned from a mobile application. The token is of the form 100000000-c_________________________________X
I’m using twitter API: with the following form:"+ "oauth_consumer_key=KEY" + "&oauth_nonce=" + oauthNonce + "&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA256&" + "oauth_token= 100000000-c_____________________________________X" + "&oauth_timestamp=123456789" + "&oauth_version=1.0" + "&oauth_signature=6AmcSmR63gmk1bohzErQ3sqD43a5AYKbLwxHxfRHMAk=
I’m always having bad request or bad authentication with the code 215.
Can anybody help me please in order to validate the the token returned is really a valid twitter token ?


The oauth parameters must be included as HTTP headers, not as part of the URL, for example:

It might be easier to use an existing .net library for oauth / twitter API

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