Valid tweet status sometimes returns http code 404



Using the 1.1 API and a customers token, the following tweet is fine on twitter:

But sometimes calling the endpoint will return a HTTP code 404 and the following response:

{“errors”:[{“code”:144,“message”:“No status found with that ID.”}]}

At other times, a valid response is delivered.

Are we doing something wrong on our end?


Here are a few more tweets which exhibited the same problem: actual tweet is there but received 404 / 144 via REST API (but only sometimes):



“sometimes” errors are the worst… haven’t tried it, but does the same thing happen if you use statuses/lookup with those ids instead of statuses/show?


Hello Igor,

Thanks for the hint. In the meantime I opted to remove the offending code where the http status call was relevant.

Basically, as per Twitter ToS we removed tweets from our system which aren’t on Twitter anymore. And one indication for that was the 404 result of a tweets status; but as user complained it become clear why couldn’t rely on this metric for now.

However shall the need arise again, I will remember and try to use the other endpoint.

Thank you!