V2-ready Python and Ruby SDKs now available



Twitter Ads API Developers,

Today we’re announcing the release of version 2.0.0 of our Python and Ruby Twitter Ads API SDKs. This update includes the following changes:

  • Support for:
    • Scheduled Tweets
    • Video website cards
    • Draft campaigns
      • Changed paused to entity_status
      • Added ACTIVE, DRAFT, and PAUSED entity status enums
  • Added the card_uri resource property, where appropriate
  • Removed:
    • Lead gen cards
    • App download cards (Python only; will be removed from Ruby soon)
    • PUT (update) promoted_tweets endpoint
    • status from Tweet create
  • Various bug fixes

Update to the latest version to get access to these new features and to complete your v2 migration. As a reminder, v1 of the Ads API will be shut off on 2018-01-16.

To install or upgrade:

# Python SDK
$ pip install twitter-ads --upgrade

# install Ruby SDK
gem install twitter-ads

# update Ruby SDK
gem update twitter-ads

Special thanks to @josephtyler, @kambayashia, @toddwschneider, @gmoore, @seejohnrun, @treby, and @Pimentoso for their contributions!

Twitter Ads API Team