V1-V2 Migration Issue - totals not matching


We are currently migrating from v1 to v2 for twitter ads and the v2 pulls don’t match v1. Here are some comments from one of our developers:

As per twitter documentation, ‘MOBILE_CONVERSION’ data should be requested separately. So following that directive, if we request data for other metric groups and "MOBILE_CONVERSION"
separately, we end up not getting the ‘MOBILE_CONVERSION’ columns sometimes which were originally returning back as part of v1 version of API and the behavior seems to be inconsistent. Listing
below my observations on the inconsistency.

(a) It seems like for certain clients, even though the ‘MOBILE_CONVERSION’ columns are missing, the remaining columns match the v1 version of columns and the data also matches
for the columns that are being returned. The columns that are missing seems to be only “MOBILE_CONVERSION” related columns. I did notice that the data even for the old version
seems to be 0 for the columns that are missing and so was wondering if the new API seems to be removing the columns which has no or zero values only?

(b) Also for some other clients, we are getting the columns to match but i do see that i am getting more records (promoted tweets) than V1 if i request the above mentioned 2 sets
of metric groups separately. I do see that we have duplicate rows which has the same core parameters (like account name, accountId, funding instrument, etc…) with the mobile conversion
metric data. We were able to identify certain duplicates based on “Promoted Tweet Id” but not able to find a pattern that would help us to identify all the duplicates. This is leading to incorrect total amounts compared to the UI.

Listing below the reference i am using to troubleshoot the issue as well as the URL we are using to get PROMOTED TWEETS.

Help reference - https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/ads/analytics/api-reference/asynchronous.html

Resource Url - https://ads-api.twitter.com/2/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id

Parameters (If needed)
Entity = Promoted_Tweet
Granularity = Day
placement = ALL_ON_TWITTER
EntityIds = …
start_time = …
end_time = …


@p_v: Thanks for the question. We’ll need some additional information before we can help. For example, please provide a specific example of the discrepancies you’re seeing between v1 and v2. See Guidelines for Reporting Issues for details on what type of information you should provide. Please provide example requests as well as the responses you’re seeing.