V1 Synchronous analytics stats rate limit



According to the following doc:
The synchronous analytics should be 1 minute window.

I’ve tried the following synchronous analytic stats call:

It’s returning the following header:
date →Tue, 05 Apr 2016 17:55:18 GMT
x-rate-limit-limit →100
x-rate-limit-remaining →99
x-rate-limit-reset →1459879818

The x-rate-limit-reset is translated to be
Tue, 05 Apr 2016 18:10:18 GMT

The window appears to be 15 minutes instead of 1 minute.

Is there special parameter or header I need to do to make this a 1 minutes.

100 call per 15 minute seems to be very low for analytic data retrieval.



I have this question too. We see a rate limit of 100 for account stats calls, for 15 minutes not for 1 minute. This is very constraining.

I also have a similar question about rate limits, for other endpoints.

For example, getting the list of campaigns in one account has a URL similar to this:


According to my reading of the docs, this is an “Account Read” call and should have a rate limit of 100 per 1 minute window, for Standard access. However, when I look at the response headers, it looks like it has a rate limit of 2000 per 15 minutes. 2000 per 15 minutes is actually more than 100 per 1 minute, but if you hit the limit you get locked out for a lot longer.


This is an error in our docs. For the time being, synchronous stats calls are limited to 100 / 15-mins. We are working on updates that will allow us to make that 100 / 1-min, but that work is not scheduled at this time.

We’ll update the docs accordingly. For fetching more data, the asynchronous endpoints are the best option. Synchronous stats are meant for solutions that are performing real-time optimizations on advertising campaigns.


Thanks for the reply.

Can you also comment on the other call, the “Account Read” to get the list of campaigns? Is that also an error in the documentation? What is the rate limit supposed to be on these kinds of calls?


Yes, our rollout of 1-min rate limit windows globally was postponed. All GET (read) endpoints standardize on 2000 / 15-min unless noted otherwise (i.e. sync stats, some targeting criteria, etc). We’ll review the gaps in the docs in this regard.