V1 segmentation stats only through asynchronous analytic query



According to the Twitter analytic documentation in

Segmentation is available only through asynchronous analytics queries due to their significant added complexity.

However, I was able to query segmentation data via synchronous call.
Is there an error in the documentation? or
query segmentation data via synchronous call feature is to be removed?



@ling_amobee This change is only available via the v1 endpoints I believe. Can you provide a twurl here? Would be helpful if you can follow partner inbounds when raising issues.


Thank you for the prompt response.

Here is synchronous query invoked with HTTP GET Method

This returns HTTP status 200 with JSON data containing segment information.

After carefully reading both asynchronous and synchronous analytic API call, I’ve realized that I have discovered an unintended parameter: “segmentation_type”. This is not a bug, actually.
We will stop using synchronous query for segment data and
use asynchronous query instead.