V1 GET report job data - `count` parameter question



Hi there! When getting data of an asynchronous report job in v1, I see there is the optional parameter count = “the number of results to try to return per response”, which defaults to 200 and can be a maximum of 1000. What results does this parameter refer to exactly? Because I would think that it refers to the array $response->data, which contains as many items as there are entity_ids, and entity_ids (when creating the asynchronous job) can be maximum 20.

Thank you.


It referees to how many jobs you want the response to include. When you call the get on the async jobs endpoint, you get the job information. If the job is complete, it will contain a url where you can download the data from the job. Jobs will only fall off of the complete list after 24 hours at which time the url for the information will no-longer work.