UTC offset incorrect?


Hi all,

I noticed that something seems wrong with the timestamp returned by the twitter api. I am looking at Obama’s tweet announcing his behind the scenes video.

This tweet was posted at 11AM EST when I look at the status page on my desktop…

Now I know the API returns tweets in UTC but my return value for created_at is:

created_at = Tue Jan 20 19:01:31 +0000 2015
text = Watch: President Obama gives a behind-the-scenes look into tonight’s #SOTU address.

So the UTC to EST conversion typically says subtract 5 hours but that would place the tweet at 2pm EST when on Twitter proper it says 11 am…

Any ideas? Thanks!


Twitter.com shows me (Pacific Time) that the status was created at 11 AM as well. I think it’s a problem there and not with the API.


Ahhh. Well that 11 PST would correspond to 2pm EST based on what the API gives me. Maybe it is just displaying the accurate time of 2pm EST incorrectly on the web… Very odd…