Using twitter Geo location for uni research



I am currently working on a dissertation which will collect city-wide travel information from LBSNs and display them on a map in a manner in which the public transport demands are comprehensible.

The project is going to be very similar to the following paper which used travel information from tweets to validate public transport demands censuses.

My original plan was to look for Geo-tagged tweets and extract the origin-destination pairs (e.g. if a user has 2 tweets with different locations in 4 hours, consider this as a trip), and store the trips for visualisation. I intended to store the trips as the origin-destination pairs with distorted coordinates (e.g. random coordinate within 200 m radius of the real coordinates returned by twitter, to avoid identification of house, office, etc.) without tweet ids and user ids.

Having read the T&Cs, it seems now that Twitter does not allow the use of Geo-location information in the way I would have liked.

Is my understanding correct?

I do not have much hope of it, but given the sheer number of similar research papers published, is there another obscure permission that would allow such research to be carried out?

Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out. While these kinds of research use cases are generally supported, we have a few more questions about your specific project and use of geo data that we’d like to go over with you. Please submit a request using our Platform Support form and we’ll connect with you that way: