Using Twitter API and some time my account retrieving data some time not - why it is in consistence?



Hi ,
I am using Twitter API for retrieving Ericsson data in my project and I have , noticed that some time my account retrieving data some time not ? why it is in consistence ???
my account as follows -

my code as follows - that has been written in dot net,

private string statusUrl = "{0}&screen_name={1}";
            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
            sb.AppendFormat(statusUrl, count, userName);
            HttpRequestMessage requestUserTimeline = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, sb.ToString());

where Count = any number
username=@EricssonMED/EricssonIT etc


Can you be more specific and explain what you mean? Under what circumstances are you not receiving data?


First of all, thanks for replay me so quick !!!
actually I am retrieving the twitter post related to following a/c,

and we have seen that,
we are getting the data but this account not returning the data …like
some time we aregetting the twit detail from “EricssonMED” but some time it is not returning the data !!! but
but if we change the A/c type “EricssonMED” to other type like EricssonCloud – that will return some data…


Does the account for which you’re not receiving data have recent/new Tweets in the timeline?


no, say as an example “EricssonMED” – this a/c – today I can’t see any data…but after some time or next day I have seen that it return the values…


I’ve just successfully pulled the user timeline for that user with a count of 1 using twurl. If you can provide more information on the specific examples, issues, or error return codes you are seeing, it would be helpful. Also, how often are you trying to do this?


Hi AndiPiper,
Attached are the my implementation screen shorts, below are the drop down from where I am selecting the data/ Account information like { EricssonMED,EricssonLab,EricssonIT etc}
This is the data selected by the contend Editor, then the next picture you will find how data fetch from the twitter and display in the web Page.

Our tester noticed that for some Accounts like EricssonMED etc sometime data is retrieving inconsistence manner (sometime populating some time not populating)

So my concerned is that is there any restriction about the call? Because we are implementing it for our customer facing site!!! No of call will be huge!!!

I have used it through the dotnet / Episerver … if you require I can also share my codebase !! that I have used to implements it.


Yes, there’s a limit to statuses/user_timeline - detailed here:

That’s probably what’s happening - when it’s not populating you’re probably hitting a rate limit, and not getting results returned. It might be better to cache responses and store tweets on the server, rather than making a new call every time someone uses the app.