Using Twitter API 1.1 for websites instead of "Embedded Tweets"


I’ve got a specific app that I created for my portfolio website that I recently rewrote from rss to JSON (rewrote the sucker in asp within 3hrs using version 1.0 of twitters API; first time using json too!) which displays a custom view of my twitter status/timeline.

This is not technically an app, however; will I need to register this as an app with your site so that I can continue using json (through oauth) after api 1.0 is abandoned in March 2013?

You can view my custom timeline by visiting my site: it is located in the lower right hand side of the sites footer. I prefer my method to your widgets as this will allow users, with java-script disabled, to still view my tweet timeline. I only plan on using it to display my most recent tweets (unless I get ambitious in the future).

I hope you can help as I’d hate to abandon this terrific little plugin I created for my site.

Take Care!


Huh… I should have mentioned that I host my own server as well… and my bandwidth isn’t that impressive. I noticed that my sites just went down LOL … if you get a “site has not responded” please be patient and try again in a little bit :).


Anything that makes requests to the Twitter API is considered an application in this context. You would need to register for an API key and use OAuth to retrieve tweets to populate this in API v1.1.


Thanks for the timely response! Hmm… well hopefully they’ll accept it as an application then. :slight_smile:

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