Using tweets with geolocation data in an application



My question is on behalf of service which is a kind of “live” map plotting a path of a traveller. We’d like to add user’s twitter feed as a source of geolocated status updates to be processed by the service’s workflow.

Art. I.4.E of Rules restricts use of geographic location data. It’s not clear for me, if the article means bulk geodata out of original tweet? Is it OK to retrieve a tweet, and to post the original tweet message on the live map accordingly with geolocation data of the tweet? Should it provide a link to along with the post on the map?

Thank you!


As long as you follow the display requirements while displaying tweets, I think you’re in good shape for a project like this. The rules around use of geographic data are more around – you cannot take or aggregate the geo data associated with a tweet and divorce it from that context. You can’t build a database of geos and places based off data you get from tweets. The geo data associated with the tweet should stay with the tweet and be used only in the context of the tweet.


Taylor, it sounds pretty good for us. Thank you!