Using tweets of a company's account with company's consent


Dear Team,

I have a conceptualized an idea of using a company’s Twitter account with their due permission and analyze the tweets they send and receive from customers. For this, I will have to only READ the tweets (XML response) and store it in my database, after which I will be using my algorithms (in a separate tool) and presenting the analysis in the form of dashboards (not changing any tweets) to the company. Please note I will NOT be sending any tweets using this solution, just reading tweets of the company for their own analysis.

I went through the Terms and Rules of the road and found one statement that I need clarification on:
“Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted.”

Request if you can kindly let me know based upon my above concept/idea, can I go ahead without violating any terms.

Thank you.

Kunal Gandhi


Analyzing tweets but not redistributing them or otherwise making them available in other formats or locations is permitted within the terms. If and when you do show tweets, be sure and do so according to display guidelines.


Thanks, this will help!