Using the Twitter REST API to get images tweeted by a user


I’m using the Twitter REST API to try and get only images for a specific user.

If I use statuses/user_timeline, then I get a mixture of of textual tweets and images, and the results are limited to 200. This means that I can end up with about 10 images per 200 results, because of the text tweets involved in the returned data.

What I’m trying to do instead, is use tweets/search with the From:Username filter:images keywords. But I have encountered an issue: On, the search term > From:Gregory_Onye filter:images returns a few results, but when using the API I receive only 1 result…

Can anyone help me with this issue?

See below for search metadata:

"search_metadata":  {
    "completed_in": 0.03,
    "max_id": 579641668875452400,
    "max_id_str": "579641668875452416",
    "query": "From%3AGregory_Onye+filter%3Aimages",
    "refresh_url": "?since_id=579641668875452416&q=From%3AGregory_Onye%20filter%3Aimages&include_entities=1",
    "count": 100,
    "since_id": 0,
    "since_id_str": "0"


This is because the search API only goes back a few days. The full search of all Tweets ever posted is not exposed in the REST API.


So the solution to this issue would be to simply use ‘’ with no ‘q’ string, instead of ‘’ and save the results that contain ‘media’?


That should work, yes.