Using the tweet-button and web intents, is there a way to find out the new tweet id?


The Intent event object triggers after a successful tweet using the tweet-button but there object doesn’t contain any information about the new tweet. Is there another way to get the new tweet id?


I’d like to know the answer to this too. The docs indicate that the data object should have properties about the tweet (and the very existence of a ‘data’ object suggests that it should have some data and not be an empty object), but there’s nothing there.


Please star this feature request to see it implemented:


There’s no way to obtain it from the tweet intent or Tweet Button, as it becomes personally identifiable information. API-based integrations with user authorization allow for this. If you want to track tweets and the users that tweet about links to your domains, use the streaming API to track matching tweets.



There is no way to do it through the intent or tweet button but it’s possible to search for the tweeted url against the REST search method and get the ids of the tweets which contain the tweeted url, am I right ?


The documentation suggests there is a way:
Javascript hash with key/value pairs relevant to the Web Intent just actioned
Possible key values include: “tweet_id”, “source_tweet_id”, “screen_name”, and “user_id”

I understand this may have given out personally identifiable information and has therefore been discontinued. However if this is the case, please update your documentation to reflect the change.


Those are “possible” (as in within the realm of possibility) values for any potential event web intents will serve – which fields are available is specific to each intent – user_id is available from the Follow Intent, for example, as it indicates the user who was followed (rather than the user who did the following). The current behavior is the same as we launched with in this case.


Hi, can you please point me where can I read more about namely this approach? I need to track tweets which were made from my site. Is there any way to do so (without hashtags and mentions)? Thank you.


I spent 2 days in fighting with empty callback with Tweet button… Please update your documentation, save somebody’s time :slight_smile: