Using the conversion_attribution API call - is documentation available?


We are beginning to explore integration of our mobile application install attribution service with Twitter’s service. To the best of our current understanding, we need to (on behalf of our clients) ask Twitter “have you attributed an installation for this device” (for our purposes, we want to do that first, before continuing into our own attribution engine if Twitter has not claimed the install).

As far as I can determine after spending some time working through the available documentation we probably want to call the

API, which appears to have documentation under

Unfortunately we are unable to see that documentation and find that all materials under respond with the “Access denied. You are not authorized to access this page.” message.

Can anyone advise:

  • are we on the right track for our investigation?
  • how can we gain access to that documentation?


Hi @thebellman,

I took a look at “ads-measurement-test,” that looks like a junk page, probably created as a test page.

The attribution documentation is private to companies who are mobile attribution partners with Twitter. We have only a handful of these partners and access to that program is managed by the business development team. Check out for more information.

I hope this helps!


Cheers, yes that does help. I’m tech lead with Lithient, and we are working with the business development team to work toward being a mobile attribution partner. I suspect some wires have been crossed between our business side and the business development team, as I was given to understand we were going to explore a proof-of-concept with the mobile attribution API. I will go back to our business side and continue the conversation through them and through the business development team. Thanks for the assistance, it’s most appreciated.