Using streaming feed on site - real time stream with very high traffic


Looking to use twitter embeddable timeline or API for streaming of real time tweets for a high visibility media driven application that’s expected to receive 100k+ traffic a day. Is there any limits against this? I’d prefer to use embeddable and not use our server resources for GETs every second but it seems to be limited to 30 second delay. Any way to remove?


The embeddable timeline will have that delay and there’s no way to change that, as it is not intended as a fully real-time widget.

The only limit on the streaming API is that you’ll get 1% of tweets from the firehose, and you should only use one streaming connection for your app ID. Assuming your query / filter is < 1% of the total (which is usually around 6k-7k tweets per second) then you’ll get all the tweets for your query anyway, so that’s not an issue.